How We Work

The ASPEN System

Over the years we have developed a method of project management that customers can count on. We call it the ASPEN system. Like a colony of Aspen trees with elaborate root systems below ground, MDE and its partners form a connected working relationship to stay on task. The ASPEN provides real-time project tracking with precise administration and gives critical information to the operational decision makers allowing them to best meet the customer's needs. Our system tracks projects from pre-construction through the service contract.

The Five Components of the ASPEN System

The Project Supervisor provides direction to the Project Management team to effectively manage each construction project from the day the job is awarded to establishing the service contract with the client. The Project Management team is responsible for assisting the General Contractor in managing each project safely, productively, and profitably.

The Quality Management ensures that all installations performed by the MDE Electric Companies meet or exceed the standards established by the appropriate governing authority, the satisfaction of our customers, and the high level of quality we have established through our history and experience.

Materials Management is an online tool intended to provide specific information regarding the status of submittals, material orders, lead times, shipping information and deliveries to all personnel responsible for materials, as well as clients.

The Progress Express provides a system that gives MDE electricians, field supervisors, and management the ability to precisely track job scheduling and levels of completion that are updated weekly. Our unique system allows our customers to remotely track the progress of their project.

The Safety Vault is the Aspen™ System’s all encompassing program to insure the safest working environment for each person working for, with, and around the MDE Electric Companies. TheSafety Vault is designed to provide information, education, reports, and meeting minutes to insure compliance to our safety program.

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